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   Over a stiff glass, Uncle John & Thomas rambled on about a shared passion for vintage American automobiles. Uncle John had restored classic cars in the past but never a pickup truck.


  “There is just something nostalgic about a vintage American pick-up.”  - Uncle John    

   As their glasses emptied, the conversation steered towards traditional hospitality and then shifted into the impressive craft breweries Maryland had to offer.

  “Uncle John, in a location where craft breweries are flourishing, what's your thought on a Vintage Tap Truck to showcase small businesses and excite the local community?”  - Thomas       


  The idea accelerated, then parked with the name Ol' Charm and the mission: to restore a refined level of service, geared toward you and your loved ones, while driving a legacy of timeless memories.

Our Tap Truck

1954 Chevy 3600

Original Inline 6, 235 Motor

Manual Transmission: Four on the floor w/ granny gear

4 Tap lines for Beer, Wine, Cider, and Custom Cocktails

Truck Bed Wood Type: White Oak

Matching Bar: White Oak Farm Table

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